About Us

About Us

At Career Tree Network we offer innovative recruitment solutions to help healthcare organizations source candidates for their most challenging hiring needs.

We help healthcare professionals and students research career opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. I’m a healthcare professional looking to explore career opportunities, what help can Career Tree Network provide me?
A. We work to understand your career goals and preferences. We then contact you when we hear about open positions that may be of interest. We provide a high level of personal service that you deserve and should expect. Employers cover our fees, so our assistance to you is offered free of charge. Completing our Registration Form is a good starting point.

Q. How does Career Tree Network make money?
A. We charge employers a project fee to perform recruitment marketing campaigns for their open therapy position(s). We do NOT earn any extra money if a candidate goes to work for one of our employer partners.

Q. I’m looking to hire a healthcare professional, how can Career Tree Network help?
A. We can act as an extension of your recruitment team to perform proactive candidate sourcing for open position(s). We work on a project basis and do NOT charge placement fees.  We also offer collaborative recruitment marketing solutions to help supplement your talent pool of therapy candidates.  Please contact us to learn more.

Q. How is Career Tree Network different from a headhunter or staffing agency?
A. Most headhunters and staffing firms earn a placement fee when they help an employer fill an open position. At Career Tree Network, we work on a project fee basis to perform proactive recruitment marketing and talent sourcing.  Our services are intended to complement the work of internal recruiters.  We also offer collaborative recruitment marketing initiatives to help our employer partners reach therapy professionals and graduating students.

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