200 Words: Essential Career Advice for Therapy Professionals

Q&A: When do I bring up salary within the interview process?

Salary conversations are going to happen...it’s inevitable. You’re going to get paid for the work that you perform as a therapy professional.

Many therapists bring up salary too soon and this can be a big turnoff to potential employers... and you may even earn less money if an offer is eventually extended.

The best strategy when discussing salary is to wait until the employer brings it up.... which will typically happen when an offer is extended.

The employer needs time to learn about your background and the skills you bring to the table. If they quote you a salary range before having an understanding of your unique skill set, the number will almost always be on the low end because they don’t know anything about you.

As such, negotiations should happen after you’ve sold yourself as being uniquely qualified to fill their open position and both parties (ie: you and the employer) have determined that you would be the best fit for the position.

With the offer in hand, you now have the full picture of the compensation package and can negotiate accordingly.

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