200 Words: Essential Career Advice for Therapy Professionals

Q&A: How can I make my resume stand out to

rehab managers?

Your resume is really a reflection of your work history. It’s not a legal document, there’s no set formatting or requirements that your resume has to meet. With that, in some ways, it’s like a work of art that reflects your work history and the skills that you would bring to the table.

You have an opportunity to really highlight the skills and background that you have to make you the best candidate for the job.

The goal of the resume is to show the employer why you are uniquely qualified for any position that you’re applying for.

It can’t be everything to everybody, so in some ways your resume doesn’t have to be attractive to all types of people, but it should really sell you as a candidate for your skills and what you’ve accomplished professionally. Employers are looking at your work history and practice settings, so give detail there in particular. Length of time and type of setting is the most important part.

As you’re explaining work history, put more detail around what you’ve accomplished and what you’d bring to the table if hired.

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