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Bonsai Program


Bonsai is a 100% pay-for-results recruitment model. No set-up fees. No advertising fees. No fees to interview candidates.

Only pay when your position is filled.


Upon a successful hire, we charge a monthly recruitment fee for the first 18 months of employment. If the employment is terminated for any reason, the invoices stop. No lump-sum payments.


The monthly invoices are budget-friendly and offer cash-flow protection. Pay the recruitment fee over time as the new hire continues their employment and makes a positive impact on your team. 

Membership Benefits for Employers:  

  • Dedicated recruitment support to quickly generate Physical Therapist candidates.

  • Reach full staffing levels for optimal patient care and revenue generation. 

  • Knowledgable Account Manager to understand your hiring needs and ensure a successful outcome.

  • On-demand access to a robust talent pool of Physical Therapists. 

  • Unlimited interviews of qualified candidates at no cost. 

  • Candidate Rewards incentivize the newly hired PT to make a long-term contribution to your team.

  • Invitations to virtual continuing education with industry leaders. 


The recruitment fee is determined based on the number of scheduled hours / employment status at the point of job offer (Full-time, Part-time, or PRN).

Monthly Recruitment Fee upon a successful hire for first 18 months of employment:

Full-time = $475 per month --- Total of $8,550 will be invoiced over the first 18 months of employment. 

Part-time = $375 per month --- Total of $6,750 will be invoiced over the first 18 months of employment. 

PRN / Per Diem = $275 per month --- Total of $4,950 will be invoiced over the first 18 months of employment. 

If employment ends for any reason during the first 18 months, the invoices stop. 

Candidate Rewards:
Physical Therapists who obtain a position through Bonsai will be paid a monthly reward for the first 18 months of their employment. An additional reward will be paid if a Physical Therapist refers a friend who then finds employment through Career Tree Network. There is no cost to Physical Therapists to join this program as a candidate member.


Our Candidate Rewards program provides an additional incentive for the Physical Therapist to make a long-term contribution to your team. This component of Bonsai also enables you to maintain internal equity within your compensation model, providing you the ability to keep current staff and newly hired Physical Therapists within the same pay level.   

If you are a Physical Therapist or student, please visit: Bonsai for PTs

Next Steps:

Please contact us with any questions. You can also book a call to discuss the Bonsai Program. If you're ready to explore further, please complete the form below and we will email you with the Employer Agreement for your review and signature. 

Join Bonsai as an Employer 

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Your Account Manager will email you the Bonsai Program agreement for your review and signature. 
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