Bonsai Program

Membership Benefits for Employers:  

  • Dedicated recruitment support to quickly generate Physical Therapist candidates.

  • Pay-for-results model for successful hires.

  • Cash-flow protection and no lump-sum payments. 

  • Intake process to understand your specific hiring criteria. 

  • On-demand access to a robust talent pool of Physical Therapists. 

  • Unlimited interviews of qualified candidates at no cost. 

  • Invitations to virtual continuing education with industry leaders. 

Employer Logistics:

The employer signs an agreement to activate the Bonsai Program. (Please complete the form below and we will email you with a link to the agreement for your review / signature.) 

Career Tree Network (CTN) learns hiring needs and generates candidates.

CTN performs telephone screenings to ensure a strong fit with hiring requirements.  

Hiring Manager / Clinic Owner can interview any of the candidates generated at no cost. 

When a candidate is hired, a monthly recruitment fee is invoiced for the first 17 months of employment. There are no lump sum payments for optimal cash flow.

The first invoice is generated on the first day of employment. Subsequent invoices are generated on the monthly employment anniversary for the next 16 months.


“Name Check” process ensures candidates generated are not already active in the funnel. 


There is a one-time non-refundable activation fee of $499 to join Bonsai as an employer member. Upon successful hire, the employer will pay a recruitment fee of $499 per month for the first 17 months of employment. If the employment is terminated for any reason, the monthly invoices will stop. 

If you are a Physical Therapist or student, please visit: Bonsai for PTs

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