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Consulting Overview

Building and maintaining a database of “potential candidates” is at the foundation of our strategy.This is not an applicant tracking system (ATS), as these folks are not yet candidates. Many are not aware of your organization as a potential employer of choice. Certainly keeping track of applicants is an important aspect of recruitment, this Talent Sourcing Database is a new element to build and manage your talent pipeline. 


For licensed healthcare professionals, there is not a mystery or uncertainty around who is potentially able to fill a position. Using licensure data and geo-targeting, we can build a database of the potential candidates for each of your critical positions. 

Two Levels

of Support

Two Options for How to

Work Together


Teach / Consult / Implement / Coach - We Consult

  1. We will teach you our proven process and support you to recruit on your own. 

  2. We will implement a recruitment system for your organization to manage. 

  3. We will teach our model of recruitment. Provide tools, systems, templates for success.

  4. You recruit on your own with our ongoing support.

Execute / Outsource - We Deliver

  1. We will do it for you. 

  2. We’ll just send you qualified candidates.

    1. Talent Procurement Campaign


    3. Bonsai

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