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We Research Employers - You Choose Where to Distribute Your Resume

"They offered me the job, and I accepted! 
I can’t thank you enough for your’ve done so much for me."

D.H. - Physical Therapist in Pennsylvania


1. You will always have an easily accessible version of your resume. Anytime you need it, just ask. 

2. You'll receive a curated report of all the organizations that employ PTs in your area.


3. You'll select attractive employers and we'll submit your resume directly to the hiring authority.


4. This is a free program offered to PTs in the USA. Employers cover our fees. 


Our goal is to profile every employer of Physical Therapists in the United States to understand their geographic footprint and the scope of the practice settings offered. With the information compiled in one central proprietary database we can then query the system to better support PTs within the pursuit of their career goals.  

For example, Jeff is a PT living in Tampa, Florida. He is looking for a full-time Outpatient position within 20 miles of his home. With all the data compiled and formatted, we can then easily create a report for Jeff that contains all of the possible organizations that employ PTs within outpatient settings in his target geographic area. 

Creating the report of potential employers is only the first step. The real value of our Direct Connect program is that now Jeff can select any of the possible employers and we will send his resume directly to the organizations of his choice. Jeff can then relax as the possible employers of his selection know he is interested and have the option to contact him. 


We are not able to guarantee that the selected employers will contact you. However, given the extreme shortage of PTs in most areas, it's safe to assume that many employers will be eager to chat with a Physical Therapist that is possibly interested to join their organization. (Also, many employers keep resumes on-file for future hiring.)   

One interesting note is that we are building our database with all employers of Physical Therapists in the USA. Within that framework, we are not limited to only those employers willing to pay us. This comprehensive approach is a unique selling point for the program. (If we were limited to only our paying clients, our service would be quite limited in scope.) Working with all employers enables us to provide a comprehensive service to the PTs that we support.   


We are mission-driven and simply like being a helpful guide to both employers and Physical Therapists. 

At the end of the day, we can help the widest audience if we perform some of our work without the incentive of financial reward.  

Direct Connect is a free service that we believe can be a very valuable resource to our target audience of PTs. It's free to employers and it's free to Physical Therapists. What we're really offering is to execute all of the leg-work within the often frustrating job search process.  


As a result, Direct Connect makes us more relevant to the needs of our target audience. Some Physical Therapists that surface in Direct Connect are interested in the jobs that our clients are paying us to advertise. We are then able to send those PTs as candidates to our paying clients. 


Additionally, Direct Connect gives us a reason to network with a new client base of employers who might one day convert to paying customers. This group of potential clients receives free PT candidates from us with no strings attached. (Since PTs are in such high demand, employers appreciate receiving a new source of PT candidates.) Our hope is that those same employers will be more likely to advertise with us for their future hiring needs.   


Above all, this program will enable us to help the widest possible audience of Physical Therapists and employers.


Fill out the form below to participate in this free program. We will contact you within one business day. We reserve the right to refuse service. 


If you are responsible to hire Physical Therapists, please contact us to ensure we have your organization footprint properly researched and formatted. We also offer a paid advertising solution to generate additional exposure for your organization and your current hiring needs.

What are Your Career Goals?
After you submit this information, we will email you a PDF report of employers that might be of interest based on your preferences. 
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