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Develop a comprehensive listing / organizational footprint of the practice settings and geographic areas (ZIP Codes) where each organization employs Physical Therapists. Ultimately, we will connect Physical Therapists with employers based on need and preferences.    


Physical Therapists can contact us, free of charge, to obtain a comprehensive listing of the organizations in their target geographic area / practice setting. We will also share a listing of current specific job openings at participating organizations.


Then, we will send candidate referrals to organizations based on the career goals / preferences of the Physical Therapists utilizing the service.


We will keep a copy of the Physical Therapist resume on file as a service to candidates.

For organizations that elect to join a monthly subscription model, We will also build / maintain a searchable database of their current full-time, part-time and PRN job openings for PTs.


Within the monthly subscription model, the current job openings for PTs are updated on a weekly basis.  The scope of this service will not include short-term, temporary or travel.


For Employers on the Monthly Subscription - Profiling the Open Physical Therapist Jobs:

Career Opportunities are categorized by:

  1. Status - Full-time, Part-time or PRN

  2. Primary Practice Setting

  3. Location - Primary ZIPCode where work is performed


Process for Weekly update to jobs for each employer on the monthly subscription.

Employers will not need to take any actions to have their jobs updated. We will update the current jobs for each employer once per week. and we will initiate the weekly verification / update of current openings via checking a website where jobs are posted as an ideal option.


If needed, the employer can update us on their current jobs via email, text or phone. There is also an online form for employers to self-submit ()see below).

Update a Current Job Posting

Direct Connect for Employers

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