At Career Tree Network, we work with razor-sharp focus to support healthcare employers in their recruitment of therapy professionals. Within the therapy disciplines, most clients engage our help to fill Physical Therapist openings. We offer a unique service as an alternative to a traditional placement fee headhunter.   

We use a proactive recruitment advertising solution that combines the marketing power of a recruitment advertising agency and the candidate engagement of a niche staffing firm to support our clients in building a talent pipeline for current and future open positions.

Service Overview.

We have created a proprietary system of proactive recruitment marketing and candidate sourcing activity that leverages our database of over 470,000 therapy professionals to identify qualified interested candidates for our clients and their recruitment challenges.  

Within our Talent Procurement Campaign, we cast a wide net in a targeted area by employing traditional advertising and proactive candidate sourcing techniques to ensure that both active and passive job seekers will quickly learn about an open position. We hold ourselves accountable, because we guarantee that your investment in our recruitment advertising service will lead to positive results in the form of screened qualified candidates who are interested in your most difficult-to-fill positions.  

Let's Talk About You.  

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No Placement Fees.  Ever.  

We are NOT headhunters. Within our Talent Procurement Campaign, we send our clients qualified interested candidates and our clients are then free to contact and hire these candidate referrals now or at any point in the future without placement fees. We believe that placement fees are costly and often result in a lower quality hire. Please watch this 12 minute video to learn more about our approach.

We work with clients who are looking to fill their open positions through an advertising based solution. However, unlike other recruitment advertising where there is some gamble in the likelihood of a positive response, we offer a guarantee and keep working until we obtain the predetermined results.  

One Size Fits All.

There is beauty in simplicity. The Talent Procurement Campaign is our one and only service.  It's proven, yet flexible, to meet the needs of any open therapy position in any practice setting across the United States. We always use local data sources to update and expand our database within each project.  As a result, with just a few updates to our system, we can begin an engagement campaign to find the best local talent for your specific recruitment challenge. 


Within our data-driven approach, at the start of each project we perform zip code geo-filtering and behavioral analytics to develop a targeted group of potential candidates. We are not just throwing darts blindly in the dark or wasting your advertising budget on uncertain channels.    

We then perform extensive research on the targeted audience to gather contact information and personally engage to see if we can learn more and potentially support the attainment of their individual career goals.     

Guaranteed Results.

Within each engagement, we keep working until we invest at least 35 hours of proactive data-driven recruitment activity AND generate at least three (3) screened qualified candidate referrals for your consideration.

We charge a flat advertising project fee for this recruitment advertising service.

A narrow focus on the therapy disciplines requires that we rely on repeat business from a small group of extremely satisfied clients.  

It's is a small world and we're honored to have a solid reputation in the community of clients and therapy professionals that we serve.  

Please visit this page to read some client testimonials. 

We Are Ready.  

If you are looking for some support to identify candidates, we're ready to help you!  

We can work on one position at a time or multiple positions across different geographic locations.  

For pricing information and to learn more please submit the contact form in the space below.
Our pricing is standard and all of our clients pay the same fee for our service. 

We have never had a price discount. No coupons. No limited time offers. Just one price that we charge across the board.

Next Step.

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Components of Our Data-Driven

Recruitment Advertising:

  • Cold Calling

  • College Outreach

  • Direct Mail

  • Email Blasts

  • On-line Advertising

  • Resume Database Search

  • Social Media Recruitment

  • Text Messaging

Recruitment Advertising 


It’s nice to have a specialized resource for candidate referrals that can supplement our internal recruitment efforts.  I would recommend as a high quality recruitment partner to fill your organization’s open therapy positions.  Career Tree Network brings great service, innovation and integrity to all that they do.  We look forward to our next campaign.  

Cathy Mooney, Human Resources Coordinator – 

Gundersen Lutheran Health System 

We found it especially difficult to source candidates for a Clinical Program Manager position that we had in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Within a few weeks of our engagement with Career Tree Network, we hired a candidate. Our Midwest Region couldn’t be happier!

Susan Masters, PHR, Human Resources Coordinator –Accelerated Care Plus Corp

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