Career Tree Network quickly delivers qualified interested candidates so that you can hire the best people on your own without paying placement fees. (We charge an advertising project fee.) 


We believe that recruiter placement fees are unnecessary and often result in a lower quality hire.

Please watch this 12 minute video to learn more about our approach.

We specialize in Physical Therapist recruitment advertising. However, we can support the hiring for any position in the healthcare industry. Above all, we are here to serve you.  

We work with healthcare employers large and small who are looking to fill their open positions on their own through advertising based solutions. All of our clients pay the same advertising fee for our services. We have never had a price discount. No coupons. No limited time offers. No games. Just standard pricing that we charge across the board. 

We offer two services:
1. Talent Procurement Campaign - Identify candidates for a current hiring need.
2. EVERGREEN - Build a talent pipeline. 

Within both of our services, we perform proactive data-driven recruitment advertising to engage both active and passive candidates for critical hiring needs. If you have an urgent need to fill a position “yesterday”, our Talent Procurement Campaign is the best option. EVERGREEN is a talent pipeline solution where the recruitment is performed at a slower pace over time. 

Talent Procurement Campaign Overview
Within our Talent Procurement Campaign, we cast a wide net in a targeted geographic area by employing traditional advertising and proactive candidate sourcing techniques to ensure that both active and passive job seekers will quickly learn about an open position. In most of our campaigns we generate the first candidate within seven days of launch.  

We guarantee that your investment in our recruitment advertising service will lead to positive results in the form of screened qualified candidates who are interested in your most difficult-to-fill positions.  

The Talent Procurement Campaign is proven, yet flexible, to meet the needs of any open position in any practice setting across the United States. We always use local data sources to update and expand our database within the project.


Fill your open positions quickly with a blast of data-driven proactive recruitment. 

Download an overview of the Talent Procurement Campaign Service.

EVERGREEN is an on-going monthly recruitment advertising service. The goal of the program is to build a talent pipeline so that targeted candidates are organically available over time. Career Tree Network manages your on-line job advertisements, screens interested candidates and performs a baseline of proactive recruitment activity each month. We send the most viable candidates so that client can simply interview and make hires. 

Build a talent pipeline for your ongoing recruitment efforts.

Download an overview of the EVERGREEN Service.

Book a Call to discuss your hiring needs.

Interested to learn more?  Please share your information and we will contact you.  

Components of Our Data-Driven

Recruitment Advertising:

  • Cold Calling

  • College Outreach

  • Direct Mail

  • Email Blasts

  • On-line Advertising

  • Resume Database Search

  • Social Media Recruitment

  • Text Messaging

Recruitment Advertising 


It’s nice to have a specialized resource for candidate referrals that can supplement our internal recruitment efforts.  I would recommend as a high quality recruitment partner to fill your organization’s open therapy positions.  Career Tree Network brings great service, innovation and integrity to all that they do.  We look forward to our next campaign.  

Cathy Mooney, Human Resources Coordinator – 

Gundersen Lutheran Health System 

We found it especially difficult to source candidates for a Clinical Program Manager position that we had in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Within a few weeks of our engagement with Career Tree Network, we hired a candidate. Our Midwest Region couldn’t be happier!

Susan Masters, PHR, Human Resources Coordinator –Accelerated Care Plus Corp

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