What separates top therapy professionals from average ones?

January 20, 2017



Rehab managers look to hire the best and brightest therapy professionals to fill their open positions.  Employers want a therapist who (1) strives for excellence, (2) has a passion for continual improvement / learning, and (3) makes patient care their priority.  


Strive for excellence

Look for ways to be the best at what you do.  Take pride.  Do good work.


Passion for continual improvement and learning

Develop an eagerness for continuing education.  View it as more than a necessary component to keep your license current and more of an opportunity for personal growth to expand your skills.  Look for mentors who can help you.  Offer to be a mentor to another therapist.  


Patient care is top priority

The biggest thing that makes a therapist great is genuine patient care. Therapists who advocate for their patients make a lasting impact. Top therapists are willing to take risks in order to provide better care. They are unafraid to speak up on behalf of the patient.


Top therapists listen with intention and interpret what's being communicated to them. They take the time to know the patient and their family because they care about the outcome of their services.


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