How has the profession changed in the last 20 years?

May 5, 2017


During the last 20 years, I believe our profession has worked very hard to claim and validate our identity.  We have done this through research, science and advocacy.  We developed the Practice Framework that clearly identifies the domain and process of OT.  This had been lacking and since we have had a universal language about what OT is, our research and advocacy have been more clear and focused.  In addition, evidenced based care, client-centered care and adjusting to the changes in health care have contributed to a more outcomes focused therapy.  


Also, student loans and the cost of education has increased drastically.  This has created a burden for many students to deal with after they graduate. 


We have so many better researchers in the profession now.  It’s great to see so many talented people dedicate their lives to advance the field. 


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