What are some questions that I might be asked at the start of a job interview?

April 16, 2018


Interviews usually start with a few questions about your background.  These questions are fairly straight forward and help give the interview team a good understanding of your work history and educational experiences.  If you have a good understanding of your resume, you will probably be well prepared to answer these questions.  The interviewer will have already read your resume, so make every effort to share background without simply rehashing your resume.   



  1. Thinking back to your time in school, what were some of your favorite classes?

  2. Did you participate in any special projects or research opportunities?

  3. What skills would you like to develop in the next six months? 

  4. How would you describe your learning style?


  1. Why are you looking to leave your current employer?

  2. What are some of your clinical strengths?

  3. What are some of your clinical weaknesses?

  4. Why did you choose _______ as a career? 

  5. What do you like most about working with a _______ population?

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