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We help employers find great people to fill their positions.

Brian Weidner


How We Help Our Clients

At Career Tree Network, we help healthcare organizations engage and hire top talent. We support our employer partners so that they can be fully staffed to best serve their local communities. Licensed healthcare professionals play a vital role in the community. Vacant positions cause an undesirable ripple effect in your pursuit of service excellence. 


With COVID-19, the importance of a healthcare organization being fully staffed with the best people has never been more apparent.


Simply put, the days of a healthcare organization taking a back-seat to proactive recruitment are over. It is no longer acceptable to get a free pass because of a “nursing shortage”, “being in a remote area” or other factors that some might say are outside of their control. Your community depends on your ability to attract and retain top talent. Our work in recruitment is now more important than ever.  


We Consult

We Deliver


Sometimes you want to cook at home...and sometimes you want a meal delivered to your door. 


Both are viable options with no judgement and nothing but respect. 


We don’t look down on someone because they wanted a pizza delivered to their home. 

We also don’t judge someone who always cooks from scratch. Both are viable options based on personal preference, time, budget, knowledge, talent and other factors. 


We can help you recruit “at home” or we’ll deliver pre-screened qualified interested candidates to your inbox. You decide. 


The truth is that there are many Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firms both in the US and around the world who would love to take your job. How many RPO firms contact your leadership team on a weekly basis with requests and solicitation? If you are unable to successfully reach full staffing levels in a cost effective way, you can be sure there is an RPO firm eager to fill your shoes. 

We Consult

If you have people available internally who can perform or are performing the recruitment functions, we can provide the tools, templates, data and know-how to equip them for success. Our process is simple, turn-key and can be easily trained and delegated to resources of all skill levels. We’ve found that the best recruiters are skilled communicators, curious, adaptable, accountable, humble and resilient.


We Deliver

Sometimes it’s quicker, easier and more cost effective to just have someone else do the work. You could struggle to fix the leaky pipe, watching on-line videos, buying tools, etc...or just hire a plumber and problem solved. If you don’t want to worry about the proactive candidate sourcing, we’ll just do it for you. It’s as simple as that. We offer two services that deliver qualified interested candidates for your critical hiring needs. Qualified pre-screened candidates are sent right to your inbox. You can interview, make hiring decisions and call it done.

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